So i was working on a project earlier, of which whole business model depended on TapJoy SDK, as i kept searching for a flutter plugin for TapJoy, i didn’t find anything. So i decided to create a plugin for it.

Here i will explain how to build a full working example for the plugin with flutter.

First we need to add some modifications for both Android and iOS Files.

Let’s start with iOS.

As TapJoy is enrolled as a network partner in Apple’s SKAdNetwork. Add TapJoy’s network ID to your app’s info.plist

I know it sounds weird and might not make any sense to some people to quit a dream job as an airline pilot to be a mobile app developer, However, I had my own reasons which you can read about it here.

This article is an example that there’s no impossible, you can learn anything you wish and master it, even if you have zero background about it, all it takes is patience, will, passion, and never to give up.

Given that I've finished 3 semesters in Faculty of software engineering before I start working as an airline pilot, and…

Today we will build a fancy UI with flutter. Including a disappearing part with scroll, Pinned TabBar & triggered scrolling through TabBar onTap, so that when you click on any of the tabs, it scrolls to its own page section! all with Slivers!

Before taking any big step or decision towards becoming an airline pilot, I’d recommend if you ask yourself the following questions first:

  1. Is this what I really want? & why?
  2. Is it a good time to become a pilot?
  3. What is the plan after getting my license?
  4. What is my Plan B alongside with flying?

1- Is this what I really want? & why? :

Anything in the world can look exciting and attractive from the outside, but once you get to know the details & insights, realize the reality as it is & live it, most of this attraction and excitement may start fading away if you don’t have…

Hook #1. The Sophisticated Appearance:

Flashback to when I was 8. Watching our neighbor pilot in his elegant pilot suit, shiny stripes, sophisticated wing, and professional pilot cap. Holding his fancy navigation bag and in the other hand his layover luggage. Standing straight, looking smart, decent and professional, waiting for the airline bus to pick him up for a flight. While I’m wondering, where is he flying to today ?! How fun, complex and sophisticated is it to be the commander of that big airship? , how Amazing is it to be in a different country every couple of days!

Hook #2. The Excitement:

We used to live next…

As an aviation enthusiast, flight simulator fan since 2005 & ex-airline pilot. I always get questions about how realistic home flight simulator programs are. Well, here I will explain everything I know about flight simulators, and also how it helped me with my pilot training.

These are the 3 most famous Home Flight Simulator Programs :

1- Microsoft Flight Simulator :

MSFS is one of the longest-running, best-known, and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs on the market. an early product of Microsoft. Microsoft Flight simulator is 37 years old and started with MS-DOS!

The latest version available is FSX and expecting FS2020 Soon.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is only available for Microsoft Windows users.

2- Lockheed Martin Prepar3d :

P3D is…

It’s the 9th of July 2019, 1 PM, A routine short afternoon flight. I’m in my Pilot Uniform, drove to the airport a bit earlier than my reporting time, to pass by Management and . . . hand off my Resignation!

Walking into the Operations Building, fast and intense heartbeats, hands almost shaking and all I can see is a flashback of every single daydream and every struggle I’ve ever had during my journey to get this job, an Airline Pilot. …

Mahmoud Abdellatief

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